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Lyrics to Force Fed
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My life's changing every single day
no way to save myself from decay
crashing down, same old story
i can't see where this is going
it's taking all that i'm worth
been separated from this earth
life goes on, heard that shit before
i won't take this anymore

growing sickness
force fed, lie after life
can't determine fact from fiction
the diseased control our lives

up to my neck, buried in deceit
i wont stand and face defeat
can't be keep quiet anymore
grown past a battle
it's an all out war
feeling the walls closing in
starting to choke, the air's getting thin
this infection is spreading
the future i'm dreading
straight to the grace
the path im heading

can i call this a life?
so many years
no direction, no sight
i'm dead to everyone thats around me
sick and diseased
as far as i can see
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