Lyrics to Forbidden City
Forbidden City Video:
"Forbidden City"By Tom RappTrembling with death,The signs clack in the air,Like windchimes.In the forbidden city,The winter carves white silhouettes,Along the avenue.And everything is simple,And everything is new.The blonde-faced lady is frozen,With one hand waving around her neck,Like an alabaster statue.And jewels encircle like a chain of ice,And all that moves around her is the light.In the forbidden city,All things are made of glass,Red and gold bands form in the frost,As the light goes past,Ideas pause waiting to be born,And I have always thought of snow as peace,A snowparched stone falls in a pond,No circles form again, again, again, again,And there is an end,Of pain.Trembling with death,The signs clack in the air,Like windchimes.

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