Lyrics to For Your Precious Love
For Your Precious Love Video:
Your precious love Means more to me than Any love could ever be For when I wanted you I was so lonely and so blue For that`s, that`s What love will do And, darling, I`m so surprised Oh, when I first realized That you, you were fooling me And, darling, they say That our love won`t grow But I just want to tell them That they don`t know For as long as You`re in love with me Our love will grow wider Deeper than any sea Of all the things that I want In this whole wide world Is just for you to say You`ll be my girl And, ooh (wanting you) While I was wanting you, girl (I`m so lonely and blue) For that`s, that`s What love can do And every night (Wanting you) (I`m so lonely and blue) That I got to bed I dream wonderful Wonderful dreams of you And, ooh (wanting you) While I was wanting you...

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