For What It's Worth Lyrics

Aaron Watson

Honky Tonk Kid

Lyrics to For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth Video:
i just called to say good bye
but i was hopin' that you would beg me not to go
you where my only reason for stayin'
besides the amarillo winters are to cold to speand alone

so what its worth
i'll be in fort worth
just in case you ever start missin' me
im gonna be right here in fort worth
so for what its worth thats where i'm gonna be

before the pain i put you through
those late night calls from the randall county jail
i know i swore never to bother you again
but if you dont mind could you find the time to forward me my mail


if you need a friend; a friendly conversation
you got my number and an open invitation

fort worth texas is where you'll find me
Songwriters: STILLS, STEPHEN
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