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Lyrics to For The Liars
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As always, I'm never
In touch with forever
I think you thought wrong when
You thought I'm into the end
There's always a way out
Without merely blaming doubt

There's nothing to be said I never found on my own
There's nothing to be found that I don't own
But now I'm here to say
If you'll stay
It's possible in every way

If people really feel so small,
Why dont they hang on like they could lose it all
If one more day holds promise
whats there to believe?
Promises are for liars, I promise
You'll see...
You'll see...

Too smart to feel
Too dumb to lie
Too scared to run
Too bold to hide

It's all a bit confusing
The fragments fray from me
It's all a bit confusing

Promises are for liars
Promises are for liars...
There's always a way out...
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