Lyrics to For The Good Times
For The Good Times Video:
[Chorus:] Straight from the Dec (you know we comin' straight from Decatur)
Slangin' brillos
Straight from the Dec

Came up, came down
Stayed down, ridin' long
Stayed real, caught the clown, took his crown, with the steel
Made moves, broke free
New deal, Big D
500, S-E-L, D-e-c, A-t-l,
Real G's, feel good
Smoke good, drink good,
more cash, new car
new crib,same hood
Hoes choose, don't lie
Won't die, won't snooze
Don't front, don't bruise
Peep the game, won't lose
Ride a hooptie, hit stores
New gear, slang yay
Could quit, no fear
won't quit, will spray
Call Dog, snipers pack
Five-0, bail one
Cut out,shot one

[Chorus:] Straight from the Dec (Nino & Wicked)
Slangin' brillos (nothin' but them brillos, knowhati'msayin?)
Straight from the Dec

Hit some, lawyers' fees
Sell O's, smoke weed
Roll deep, smell new
Red or blue, casualties
Jack with, Ghetto Mafia,
Nino, Wicked!
Draw the line, morse code
Went gold, tapes sold
Fuck talkin', spray some
smoke one, black Tec
cook with, Shake-N-Bake,
cash checks, break necks
My money, can't hide
No love, gotta die
My town, too small
I want it, while I'm
Outraged, front page
Stick and move, at large
FBI, drug raid
Breakdown, in charge
Keep it clean, big bank, big dank, gone pop ya
Hi power, no problem,
Get back, Ghetto Mafia

[Chorus:] Straight from the Dec (y'all know how it is, comin' straight from
(ain't nothin' but them brillos) Slangin' brillos (Decatur, Big D)
Straight from the Dec (what's up Decatur)

[Wicked: same as Nino's first verse]

[Chorus:] Straight from the Dec (we comin' from the Dec)
(naw, this ain't Compton, this Decatur) Slangin' brillos (ain't nothin' but
them brillos)
(I said brillos, not crillos or dillos) Straight from the Dec (what's up
Slangin' brillos (East Point, it's all love)
Straight from the Dec (comin' straight from the Dec)
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