Lyrics to For St. Ann's
For St. Ann's Video:
The 6 train runs
Right by Children's Park
Where the boys start working
When the sky gets dark
And under evening trees
Toys are tied
To mourn the dead
Before their time

For the faded shadows
Of the loved and lost
For the withered faces
Of the walking ghosts
Ain't no solemn candles
Ain't no flowered wreaths
There's just the garbage burning
Out on Jackson Street

It's ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Until the corner's empty
And there's nothing left of us
But the chill that runs
Through our hollow bones
And these humble prayers
From our ragged throats

Without faith, lord
What are we?
With out faith, lord
What are we
But another line of servants
Bound to a lifetime
Down on our knees

There's a blessed river
At the kingdom's gate
Where sin and sorrow
Are washed away
But St. Ann's is crumbling
It's burning down
So if you hear me, lord
We need you now
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