For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums The Word) Lyrics


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Lyrics to For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums The Word)
For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums The Word) Video:
I'd like some water please
This room is way too hot to be here sitting and explaining
There's no joy in repetition
Plus you all know what I know
And that's a heaping pile of donut holes
I didn't even know them
I am not your perfect witness
Your team of fat blue buddies waddling around
And trying to crack the case
Are better off locating someone else
I spent a day on my New York sh*t
Didn't even meet them once
And I am not upset I'm just another guy minding his business
But if I had to guess I'd say whatever happened
Probably had to happen anyway
If crime's a definition do your job and write it up
But find another motherf*cker to harass
I'm getting tired of this redundancy rendition
Come on, you know the drill, these walls are thick
I got my own sh*t that I'm dealing with
I haven't seen or heard a thing
I never met 'em, that's the city
Good luck working it Columbo!
I'ma bounce, you got my info
But you'll never get my pity and I'm out

If you kill him I won't tell [x4]

Earlier that day after my regular alarm
Of tongue-as-blade that resonated clear through thin-constructed walls
After my first smoke but before I cop the paper from bodega
Bumped into you in the stairwell in our sh*t-constructed hall
On my New York sh*t as the customary bop
Don't talk to anyone, look forward, mind yourself, continue walk
The halls are thin and so is skin
When baring witness to the sound you're generating everyday
Guess it reminded me of something
It must have taken every muscle in your body
To produce that little twitch you probably thought was passing muster
For a smile, but trust I recognize the gesture
I have seen it many times
I read the tells, I know the sacred art of bluffing
Maybe I shouldn't have
But as you passed I stopped and put my hand on your left arm
And we both paused, I meant no harm
And you look startled as I leaned into your ear
And said the first and last thing ever to you
"Do the thing you have to and I swear I'll tell them nothing."

If you kill him I won't tell [x4]
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