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The Wailing Wall

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Lyrics to For My Baby Brother
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When I was a boy
I rode a crooked cloud across the sky
Into our mother's womb, my tomb where I
Was born and where I died

My bones, my brains, my blood
My skin, my soul within, my milk, my mud
A perfect mannequin of what I would
Have been if I could

But you somehow were born
You pop out and the angels toot their horns
And every picture frame you now adorn
I'll teach you yet to mourn

One day, one day, you'll die
Without even a chance to wonder why
They'll lay you in the ground beside where I've
Been plotting all this time

And the worms beneath the ground
Will rise up and move into where you're found
And swimming in your eyes, your nose, your mouth
Your ears will hear their sound

And birds who fly the skies
Will come and build their nests inside your eyes
Bathing in your teardrops when you cry
They'll peck your soul goodbye

The dogs that bark and howl
Will bury every bone inside your bowels
And every living thing, be fish or fowl
Will live inside you now
Inside you now
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