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Lyrics to For Kicks And Giggles
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I spent ten dollars last night on my left right get it tight. i roll into the club like its 1999. forget your apple bottom jeans, i got my NOW 4 bumpin with my brittney, please. When happy meal toys used to be cool and pokemon gameboys weren't allowed at school. Now its all about who jocks in the block and talks the right 'talk'. With their hands in their pants "finna get me some vans". This new punk rocks got me goin all Boo-Boo with your new FRESH..

Sick of all these fake rappers on the game. Hard on the grind and they still dont know your name. Tallwhitetee, you already know kids. Two minutes rapping and i already run the biz. Didn't get shot 9 times in the face, but I still show the world i was saved by grace. Intense, fresh yadidadig? We already know that we're super sick. Not acting hard, not being mean, but damn HELLA scene.

Hollywood- Hollyhood! Born in stockton, raised in brentwood but im still jockin and its all good. My skin is clear, through the hood i have no fear. you ain't no snitch. Stayin hood rich.

hawaiian breeze
Yo its feezy on the mic dude, i got mad flow. I stay fly from my head to my to my toe. And i dont care if your breezy want act bad. I got a crush on your girl and she wants me, Zach. So i give her that, plus a little more. And ima break shorty off with a little dough.
Im real br00t4l, pull chains form the clouds. Two step hardcore, dancing in the crowd.

(Thanks to taylor for these lyrics)
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