Lyrics to For Johnny
For Johnny Video:
When i walked through the halls
i used to see his face
he was always looking down
drenched with his discrace
his mother sold her body
his father was a drunk
i miss that guy named johnny
not the outside punk

My friend johnny
he couldnt take the world
it faked him out
and pushed him down
untill it was a whirl
he never meant to hurt me
but what else could he do
he couldnt take the hell
that they put him through

right now i own his dog
he left it there for me
no one else would take him in
no one like johnny
he'd always be so smart
smarter than all the skaters
but when his brain wasnt at work
he was thinking about later

he told me once how he felt
how he couldnt deal with
the pain he was delt
if he was here
id hold his hand
so he couldnt leave me
ever again


poor johnny
i loved him so much
he didnt deserve
the pain they pushed
i love you johnny
this was for you
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