Lyrics to For Esme
For Esme Video:
Seems the competition is sweet like a slap in the face. This is a 3-legged race. It was your meanness that told us you might have faith. Your spine keeps getting in the way. You're a fool to think they care what you think. In this poem some rise, some sink. And which one are you, you budding star, you. Too dark for shopping malls. No hooks, no leads at all. Forget your ?. Dare to be naked and real. You think they care for how you feel? Never trust an artist who tells you he has a choice. You can't run faster than your voice. Sing your life despite the spite it may bring. It's your life to write, so sing. Just bring the drama shameless and crawling. Over glass and underground. EsmĀ© needs her story now. So don't break down

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