Lyrics to For a Moment
For a Moment Video:
Saw her in my coffee cup today
Smiling in that photogenic way
For a moment I thought I should hesitate, contemplate
For a moment, then stirred her away

Thought I heard a voice above the fray
Down in Central Square as if to say
For a moment take the time to memorize, the perfect signs
For a moment, then stir it away
away, away, away

'Cause I've been in these shoes awhile
And I've been growing really tired
Of minor chords with major themes
And staring at the ceiling beams
And glowing movies choke me up
And cinnamon keeps spilling down the cup

Did I feel those curves upon my bed?
Reaching out for my guitar instead
For a moment I thought to disintegrate would be my fate
For a moment, then strummed it away
Away, away, away
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