Lyrics to Fool's Escape
if i wanted to try, i could just call on you
you're hiding in your jail cell, but i know you'd come through
you could be like the sun in the afternoon
you could be the reason for my happy mood

but if this is how it ends, then don't let me go cold
i'll tip the bottle back and pray that no one knows
I keep it hidden in a box in my garage
I keep you fading in and out like a ghostly mirage

that i see everyday; i know it's a fool's escape
i watch the sun fade away
a masquerade

so i'm draining drinks, yet i still preach my best
how those awful habits should be put to rest
all the while, i'm still taking off her dress
all the while, i'm just building up regret

that i feel everyday; a fool's escape
a masquerade

so i'll keep myself awake for a few more days
and i'll tell those spirits to just go away
go away
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