Lyrics to Fools And Kings
Fools And Kings Video:
All alone at sea again
no one here but me
sail is burning in the night
no land as far as I can see

hands are shaking by my side
no one at the wheel
bodies trapped beneath the hull
their souls for you to steal

somewhere the tide is searching
for a far off land
where people bow and pray
to god hoping he understands

fools and kings and better men
look at the stars to guide their way
for all I can see it's no better to me
than a voice without words to say

rain it falls upon my head
thunder fills my veins
waiting for an answer to
why I call your name
lessons learned in dying young
children falling down
part of me is laughing now
at all the tears I've found

sinking to the bottom now
darkness all around
sinking to the bottom now
nowhere to be found
colder will I be tonight
never will I end this fight
fade away again

but you can see me standing still
falling off the edge
I see there is no other way
it wasn't me who asked for these
tears I have today
heaven never felt so good
hell not far behind
so I walk into my own
as all your words remind me that
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