Lyrics to Fool
Fool Video:
i met him a year ago
hangin at the park near the school
saw him again hangin out at the pool
thought he was the perfect guy for me

but little did i know
that i would be played as a fool
pretty good life and boyfriends cool
i didnt think we'd say goodbye so soon

cos you called me and you told me that you didnt really want me. didn't hear was'nt clear. i swear you said you cared
cos i told you that i loved you when you never even heard me i was there did you care? not a chance in the world.

well he's got a new girl now
shes just part of his little mof
just a piece of are to show off
i wish she would just listen to me

cos i tried to tell her
he's only with you to look cool
you too will be played as a fool
he'll move on to his next pawn so soon


he doesnt care x4
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