Lyrics to Fool I Got Yay
Fool I Got Yay Video:
(chorus 2x) Fool I got yay Straight from the dec on a grindin' day Late night I hit the hemp fold of greens Right back to the trap serving fiends (verse 1: Wicked) Check the eyes of a ragin' savage Fuck my bitch Fuck Oprah Fuck marriage Get it in gold Don't ask Wicked for shit I'm over charging these niggas for this blowned up shit Those punk-ass niggas in the hood want his cash back (Man y'all know you overcharged for dat count of wax(?)) I can't tell Nino They've added 'em up like burnouts (Just some punk-ass niggas who put the word out) I'm the judge I've got a grudge I'm holdin' court Gonna finish you nigga Gonna raid your fort Evidently y'all don't know I'm irregular Not your average dope dealer, burgular See I got yay so I'm in it for a minute Damn Columbians look to fuck they own business I send a shoutout to my niggas in the cells Fallen Gs, broke niggas, and head swellers See y'all are bitches and the jury can came with ease(?) All the cars in cribs can't fade my cheese Last night I had a talk with the devil He said, "Wicked(!) take this game to another level" In my mind ain't no peace but the 9 That's why I stay ever on the grind Grind in Decatum every day Fool I got yay (verse 2: Wicked) Fool I'm climbin' Straight grindin (Gangsta!) Still risin' I got my first 20 Gs at seventeen And fuck a Benz I had a Chevy and Maclean's(?) All them years in the hood I turned them Gs Sucked the life from the hood like some fleas Shit was cool 'till we blew up Yeah, and now them faces are curious where we grew up Went from Jag to Jetta, Jetta to hooptie So them punk-ass cops wouldn't detect me I flipped an H(?) so I could fold and give double-ups My hip is blown(?) I can't sleep uncovered up I had to jump out the hood for several reasons Bitches were snitchin' Niggas were schemin' And Ghetto Mafia was under inditement One from the fed One from the president (chorus) (outro)

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