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Lyrics to Following Camden Down
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I'm straight wasted

It's a little alcohol on Sunday

And we are lost and found the Underground tonight

You're OK

Got your head screwed on right

Taking contraband to meet the band tonight

Swim the length of serpentine

To meet you on the Northern Line

You and me following Camden down

Euston Square

Both of us rushing through turnstiles

And we are so naive to think we believe this is right

And you say "I scored"

Buy that shit for a penny more

As we wind and wend through odds and ends tonight


Leicester Square has lost its fair

Pigeon painted silver after noon

Unless you've got something better to do

I'm sticking with you

And we'll wander the dark streets of London

The streets all wet

Looks like their closing up shop early

And all the mods and punks have bought their junk and are home

You're OK

You've got your head screwed on right

We are holding hands to meet the band tonight

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