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follow the firmwe?re workin? hard for your future mannot without trouble; we do what we canwe have your country and the world for saleit?s one step more on the way to hellwe?re workin? hard and we try the bestwe are at first, then comes the restwe?ll stop for nothing if you pay the priceyou?ref ull of hate but believe our lieswe?re workin? hard to controll your livetake all from you but you still survivewe look around on every place you goon tv you learn what you have to knowwe?re workin? hard to turn off your brainfor you don?t notice when we light the flamewe poison all if the profit ?s rightthis silly prank can?t blow out your lightwe?re workin? hard for the peace on earthwe call you to arms, you have to serveyou raise your children, only food for warfight for your safty, for your live and morewe?re workin? hard to make an end of alla new dimension of the perfect fallnot really criminal but very slybut please don?t worry, everyone must die

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