Folding Seas & Lonely Deaths Lyrics

Mary Jane Kelly

Our Streets Turn White - EP

Lyrics to Folding Seas & Lonely Deaths
Folding Seas & Lonely Deaths Video:
Jesus fucking Christ we birthed these sons of war, will I shed this skin or be trapped forever more? Fill my empty soul with mud to walk right off these cliffs, back into the folding seas where I'll meet my lonely death. This current is my only lover now and I'll let her take me home. ?This is a sympathy fuck for a lonely slut and I'm sorry if it hurts?. We all set out to come right back, running never works. My mapless hands still brought me back to our page... let our hands meet at twelve, let history re-write itself. Your goodbye will turn you to a ghost before my eyes... we were born in flames, watch us flicker and fade away. My smoke signals filled the air but nobody seemed to care. Some cupid kills with arrows and some with traps. This journey didn't end in lovers meeting... rather collapse. You will find me laying at the bottom of my own hell while slipping through the loophole I built into us. No longer slaves to lost love I refused to let go of. Thank God we kept our hopes brief and our vows under the sheets. We're all slaves to the memories that we create, so god curse us as we have ourselves, cause I can't take this test and I won't fall again. I'll spend my days as the brick in your wall laughing at your every fall

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