Lyrics to Fold
Fold Video:
Pay me, pay me, pay me
Bitch I'm broke I need some fucking tape
Y'all think yall are wavey, but I be the motherfucking wave
Everything is gravy
Place me safely in my fucking grave
I'm a shady motherfucker
Steady sipping lemonade
Renegade in suade
Ain't gonna trade my spade just to get laid
Ain't no charade
Tipping 4's down Esplanade
Faded in the Escalade
Ain't afraid of escapades
I got the blade to serenade and flay
Pocket full of breadcrumbs
Bitch I'm looking for the cake

Keeping the pimp hand strong
I stay alone
Ain't got time for a bitch today
Money ain't long but I play along just how a playa play
Until I decay six feet in my grave
Five Nine gonna rep that Grey
Bet a bitch gon' pay
When the AK spray
Leave a dead body on display
Light the cig
Then I laugh at death
Fucked a bitch
Then I light the meth
Pool I'm swimming in full of cest
Been depressed since I came possessed
Threat the set
We gon' cut yo neck
Swerve a vette just to cause a wreck
Triple 6 $uicide
Devil's roulette
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