Lyrics to Foghorn
Foghorn Video:
The harbor horns blow in the night mist
warnin ships to keep their distance
no ice or fog can freeze this bed of tears
I know I ain't goin anywhere
my only mission is a prayer
that every thought of you could disappear

There's a foghorn blowin for the lost
it could be singin just for us
a lighthouse searches in the dark
while sea-bells toll the deep
they cannot warn or catch the tide that's taken you and me
if I flew like a seagull I'd fly down like a thief
if crime was light I'd kill the night let every wave go free

I'm listening while the rain is fallin
is there anybody callin
an echo that the rain forgot to place
did I have somethin of your heart
a shred time could not tear apart
time that skinny thief without a face
I see my face inside the mrror
is there anybody there
someone I remember from the past
someone I left by the trail lookin for the holy grail
I promised him one day I would come back

I see the light fall through the leaves
it takes its leave of you and me
time takes all that we forget to keep
the future holds a grain of truth
scorns the past as slaves of youth
but the future cannot form one memory
I'm lookin for my solitude
something good and make it new
something I have never tried befre
show my face and thanks to you
open hearts and gratitude
turn the knob when someone's at the door
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