Lyrics to Flying
Flying Video:
In everything I see you appear with meThere?s nothing else I think aboutI dream day and night, keep longing all the timeBut there?s nothing that could bring me downIt?ll always stay a dreamYou?d never turn to meBut until the end of timeI promise you you?ll be on my mindFeel like flying when I see your smileLike dying when I?m lost in your eyesLike crying ?cause you don?t hear my callsLike dying ?cause you don?t notice me at allSomehow it makes me sickDon?t wanna believe itI need yuo but you don?t careDon?t wanna realize and write your name in the skyI can?t help seeing you everywhereI just want you to find out who I really amI give you so many signs but you don?t understand

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