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So yes the streets are full of drunken presidents And o God the pope is nude on the web There's a crack in the wall The salamanders start to spread So what you wanna do Play strip poker with the dead? And your telephone book keeps on ringing And the toilet boil is sinking There's a strange conspiracy Emerging from it all There's a lily pad sucking you into the wall You've got to fly Fly the captain's ghost Your tuxedo is bleeding Your neighbours are laughing And your car got stolen by 4 somnambules The chandelier farts And the sofa is whispering There is spécial little bugs under your pull And even your dog is laughing at you I can see my friend why you are so blue Prozac is too low, the rope is to high Gotta find a way to reach the sky You've gotta fly... (Stratus, cirrostratus, cumulus, stratocumulus) Wake up, wake yourself up Tu dors dans ta soupe Tes rêves frémissent au plancher Comme des poupées À la tête coupée Tu vas tout louper You gotta be in the race For your place in the clouds Look, there's a flashlight on the couch Take it Find your way out Find your way out of this mess Move Your under stress, bouge Bouge tes fesses! You've got to fly Tumeur, crachat, venin Tu souffres Et tu ne fais rien (Fly the captain's ghost)

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