Fly Ass Nigger Lyrics

Kool Keith

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Lyrics to Fly Ass Nigger
Fly Ass Nigger Video:
[Kool Keith:]
Dark voice, space choice
T-Mobile text vexed and you think you're in a competitive mode
Who's the wussy they can't be fly droppin a verse with a dirty pussy
Diaper show off your designer chains fuckin up my cypher
Retarded ass rap slash diva
Run around with a fucked up weave attachment hoe handcuffer
I don't know why that stupid nigga like ya
Step back you fuckin werewolf out of London, before I bite you
BBQ rib hounder fuck it you splash out that quarter pounder
The official rappin music co-founder since Ralph Hooper
and his pops ran the Apollo with the United Negro Fund
The richest nigga in the world, y'all can't fuck with the franchise
Imagine your local bullshit burger spot goin against Ronald McDonald
Italy can't stop the three billion servings
I'ma make Brandy hoes move they porkchops

[Chorus: unknown guest rapper]
Be a fly ass niggaz
And runnin around the city lookin at you bitch-ass niggaz
Tryin to play high post, wit'cha little kitty-ass withers
Knahmsayin? ... Fly ass NIGGA~!

[Kool Keith:]
Broke niggaz worryin about how fast you can rap
Spit at quick speed with techniques that's sharp
Complex comprehension I'd rather see some tits
Turn your computers off and get off that gay shit
MySpace, Clayface claymation nigga
E-mail message abusers shit fag energy users
Livin in a fucked up town so boring drink fo' kegs
before you talk about me with them ugly bitches teasin you in Hooters
Y'all get the critic booters, website looters
You fuckin raccooners, you can't stop the bass boomers

[unknown guest rapper:]
It be the motherfuckin Commi$$ion to all you whack-ass rap niggaz
out here sellin that fake-ass rap music to you little fuckin kiddies
What the fuck is goin out here with that rap shit?
Y'all need to get smacked, knahmsayin????
Runnin around, with the big Commi$$ioner, ain't playin no games
Stomp all y'all out, in this rap game
Fly ass niggaz!
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