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Lyrics to Flowers Of Angst
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every sign every step every hey hey hey
in a mess in a line in a grey area
made in the shade all decisions delayed
grow a flower for me grow a flower for me

calling time calling cold calling nine nine nine
it's oblique it's sublime submit to fine scrutiny
alone in the zone cutting down to the bone
pick a flower for me pick a flower for me

the flowers of angst are blooming in the gutter
every word you utter will come back and bite your arse
the bride stripped bare pulling down the shutters
cruising with the nutters in the cold night air

rocket fuel rocket science rock and roll roll roll
pay respect pay the fool pay the debt to pleasure
sold for the gold and the story untold
cut a flower for me cut a flower for me

the flowers of angst leave your ship without a rudder
make you shake and shudder crack and burn your heart
frankenstein unbound see his eyelids flutter
wearing all the schmutter as the night comes down

oh baby it's all gone saturday
night alright fall apart so savagely
got your cinderella and your lady chatterley
bring 'em on home bring 'em on home...
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