Lyrics to Flow-i'm Ready
Flow-i'm Ready Video:
Verse: Flow

Nigga I'm sick, give me my
I do so many drugs I should be
on intervention
Yeah I'm the sickest, bitch I'm
getting sick of you, Excuse my condition
give me
head like conditioner
Break a nigga off, let the doctor
go fix 'em up
Syrup on the blunt bet Shotty
gon' twist 'em up
Bullets leave 'em stuck, he stiff
like a statue
Talkin' like they tough, but a
nigga know he fragile
Pistol on my side, it's like my little
We walk up in this bitch deeper
than the little rascals
You never sold shit you just lie
on ya records
I drop that dope in that water,
show you how to compress it, If you lookin' for that H, I'm the one homie, So raw all you need is a one on it,
Hurry up and buy, she got drunk around the corner, And if i make it in time she gon' let me get the (?)
Styrofoam muddy Fuck it I'm a
I gotta slow down, cuz my baby
mamas love me, So you could get the fuck bitch
All I wear is trukfit
I popped a combo, poured up,
and a blunt lit

Hook: Flow
Yeah I'm ready x4
My drink poured, and my weed rolled and i got them zans x2

(Thanks to Lil Sean Katjiuanjo for these lyrics)
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