Lyrics to Flesh Of Another
Flesh Of Another Video:
Am I wrong to call you a killer?
Then what's that meat laying on your plate?
Was that not once a living creature slaughtered to satisfy your crave?
Or is murder a word that you interpret as you see fit?
Was that meat not once alive until you paid someone to kill it?

Are there no alternatives to useless animal slaughter?
You choose to ignore them, like you ignore you conscience.

Can't say you care about people, can't say you care about anything,
What do you think you're doing? Pumping money into the meat industry?
Every single dollar, is a nail in a coffin.
You pay for starvation of entire populations.

You say "Other animals do it, therefore it's perfectly natural"
Take a tour of a slaughterhouse, tell me how you feel, once you see that it's a living hell.
The useless waste of precious life is anything but natural.
If you are the consumer, You're a killer.
You are the consumer, admit yourself a killer.
If you are the consumer, You're a killer.
If you are the consumer, You're a killer
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