Lyrics to Flesh
Flesh Video:
Flesh, as a color is in an awful mess, yes
Ask anyone with flesh, they'll tell ya
Flesh, as a color is about as close to a problem as a color can get
Some people think the only color flesh color should be is the color their flesh color is
Which, pure and simple is color-centric thinking
Popular in some corners, but you and I know though,
that the proper color flesh for flesh to be is the proper color it is
Varying from completion to completion
But of black flesh
and white flesh
and brown flesh
and red flesh
and yellow flesh
and tan flesh
If all the fleshes that are flesh want to establish a senseable similarity among differences,
we better forget the flesh, and the colors it can be, and think on the spirit, and in singular light
Otherwise, flesh as a color, could be black and blue,
or even a bloody hue
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