Lyrics to Fleas
Fleas Video:
They're all fleas under the carpet,
Stepped on by the boots of time.
Clinging to their own fanaticismsm,
Their systems always in line.
Racial slurs spoken in his mind,
so much clouding up simplicity.
Justified by reading between the line,
(history says:) "Repeat after me".

Take you apart and make you right.
Trade you answers for your own sight.
Cuz death is better than heresy
So hallelujah, follow me...

Follow me...

You wear a tyrant's symbols joyfully. Let us all be enslaved.
And you long for freedom's execution, but you'll die saying jesus saves!
Spoken like a true soldier, how noble their persecution...
If it's done in the name of good intention,
what's one more slash of contitution?


Why don't you follow me?
Follow me! (×3)

Is there any hope for a world that insists on blinding itself?
And if you give yourself away, then what's left to fear in your hell?

(there's no fucking God...!) (×7)


Follow me!
Follow me...
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