Lyrics to Flatline

Mama done told me all you're missing is the pain
Only thing you in love with is the feeling in your veins
'Cause baby we all addicted to the ones we can't explain
And usually falling victim to some self-inflicted stakes
Baby that's the logistics, wouldn't miss it for a thing
Wouldn't throw out the baby with the water and the stick
And as long as you feeling something baby boy then it's a win
'Cause as soon as this shit get easy you get hit

Yeah you get split into the mix quick
Figure you disfigured and twisted
You walking on a tightrope, broke and your lip' split
But you just keep it going, you not knowing this shit's flip
You did it to yoursеlf, might as well had your wrist slit bitch
This ain't a game you play casually, no man
Insanity so grand you'll laugh at the program
And wondеr if you ever really came with the stacked grime
We ain't here to pass time, we running from that flatline


Mama done told me all you're missing is the fame
They been downplaying y'all, I find it strange and deranged
I mean how many smashes does it take to see the glam
Lies slowly on the system they arranged? It's insane
But I don't really trip I just load up the Mossberg
I murder and drop birds, I'm killing you crosswords, shit
I'm flying to survive 30 days and nights
With these blood-sucking fucking parasites

And it's aight, talk your shit now, dog
We all getting exiled
Eventually we all getting fed to the reptiles
We all on our own but feel like it's the best times
Like rocking new suits with Colombian neck-ties
What I been on is something hard to explain
It's hard to just frame and mount up for you lames
Though every time I think about it, answer's always the same
I hope they find that I've been losing my mind avoiding that flatline