Lyrics to Flashback
Flashback Video:
my credentials are impeccable
and i should be
the president of that factory
give it to me now, i need it more than you
i love those lepers
and i hope that you do too
theyre a fine and nuclear workforce
always there to give you a hand
or lend you an ear
what i created here
is a haven for burnt - out businessmen
and we all realize
you gotta slap a few thighs
before you patent your new fountain pen

it's a feeling coming up like phlegm
i'll foreclose your mortgage
increase your interest
you cant pick up that princess phone
i'll call up the squad...
make you a roast lamb of god

i'll tell you all you wanna know
about supply and demand
so.. come on baby...
stick with me
i wont let you be a casualty
just a long as you realize that my wish is
your command

its coming outa ma ears
forclose the mortgage
and crease your interest
and hand me over that princess phone
i'll call off the squad -
make you a roast lamb of GOD

i dont think youre inferior
behind a heart of stone lies a cold interior
gotta take a franchise
on a chain of chicken stores
and i'll fricasee any refugee
who thinks i should payin you more and
more and MORE

YEAH yeah yeah yeah FLASHBACK!
its vomiting all over the place
increase my interest
increase my grown
just hand me that there princess phone
two poids in a pod
a roast lamb of god

gimme your teeth or an axe,
whats the difference
nose to the grindstone
shoulder to the wheel
whoa... FLASHBACK... it's a futile exercize
congratulate me on my repartee
i'll give you more cash than stevie wonder
has eyes...

im proposing a merger of two companies
to increase grown
i'll help us both
make it 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20
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