Flaming Brothers Lyrics

Patrick Tam

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Lyrics to Flaming Brothers
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Because of my name, because of my fate
Because of my life, I lost directions
A person's importance is his accomplishment

Because of my love, because of my relationship
Ask the heaven above to answer why
People can change easily, like the decisions they choose

What is real, what is not
Love lightly, love heavily
If I understood, I wouldn't have to ask why each day
Who decides, who directs our fate
Who can see it all clearly
Love changes, can cause pain
Once it is gone, who can recapture those days
Who can say that one day, love would change me
And make me realize how far my soul has gone

It is easy to hate me, and all the things I have done
Because of survival, I turned the world upside down
A person must taste life's sweetness, spiciness, bitterness, and sourness
I have regrets, I ask myself why I did the things I did
I ask the heaven above to change my tomorrows
People can change easily, but I just didn't know how long I'd have to wait
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