F.K.Ü. (Coming For You) Lyrics


Metal Moshing Mad

Lyrics to F.K.Ü. (Coming For You)
F.K.Ü. (Coming For You) Video:
Oh, believe it
He comes within your dreams
We are his disciples
Come to cut you clean

F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! Coming for you
F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! Whatta you gonna do
F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! He'll cut you in two
F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! And eat you too

[Repeat All]

F**K Ü F**K Ü! Coming for you
F**K Ü F**K Ü! Whatta you gonna do
F**K Ü F**K Ü! He'll cut you in two
F**K Ü F**K Ü! And I've got a new tattoo
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