Lyrics to Fix This Boy
Fix This Boy Video:
So listen up, this will only take a second Too bad I was your first; lovely and helpless You only hook me when single and looking I'm not gonna get it back (get it back) I'll make sure of that We do it better; racing liars We don't scream to spit hot fire From here on out I promise Everyone's trying, everyone's trying to fix this They don't even know Everyone's trying, everyone tries But Always doesn't always mean tonight Go write your story while I write the truth Let's get in a hurry making every move If memory serves, my conscience deserves A vacation from words and everything yours From here on out I swear So say your prayers tonight You'll need them to sleep me off, to sleep me off And pray you'll never wake to see that it was you, always you For worse or better yet, I may forgive but I will not forget

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