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Lyrics to Five Year Payoff
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The August sun's heat held closely
We set out with minds aligned with time
Our bridges were fresh and sturdy
With kinship our story has written itself
September brought leaves and distance
we set out with arms conjoined like chains
When one fell the motion kept forward
Blank chapters now filled with verses
October we broke all our verses for conflict
A conflict that steals the heart from the mind
We branch out like birds that have fled from the nest
A week's miles has power to destroy a bond
November brought cold air but wheels kept moving
Another concrete trail with lines moving west
Arrival is late but in time for learning
A new bright light breaks out from the fog
Months fly by without much conversing
Our mindsets assured in our words
July's sun brought new warmth to shoulders
One late night has mended our wounds
Seasons change with hours
Climates are brave in towns
Voices ring like church bells
Our words stand with time
In winter our arms form new links made strong
Blank chapters now filled with verse
These verses show readers the pictures of history
Words will age but never fade
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