Lyrics to First Prize
First Prize Video:
It's the night of the night's Than the first prize is hot Everybody comes into the club And buy a ticket The great question is What's the first prize money or what? In a gerat champagner glas Carrey they him into the room Everybody amazed and cheer and everybody buy a ticket Bridge: The to winnin' are me Whever I lik you or not To winnin' are me I bring ya' luck or not Chourus: I'm the first prize Come and win me I waitin' for you I'm the first prize Come and win me I give ya love or not B-Section: I'm the first prize I'm the first prize Now they pull the tickets Wondered look's everybody on his ticket Champagne becom in mases order Cheerful banks korks trough the air I looks wondered to were win me You or you or maybe you Bridge Chorus B-Section Now come and win me Chorus Chorus B-Section

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