Lyrics to First Me Second Me
First Me Second Me Video:
I would like to writing and singing a song in english, tongue that I've studied at the medium school l'd surely find the way to recreate the original sound of the wonderful Beatles english.

I would pick up a girl and – thank you to the original sound of the wonderful Beatles english – I would conquer her, I would marry her and together we will farrow so many much childs. So we would live until the late age (her), while I would never die just like Highlander; but not like Sean Connery, better like Christopher Lambert: young through the centuries but without cut the head.

So every night I dream my unrealizable, unreasonable, unrecognizable, unjamestaylorable, unstatesmanlike dream come true.

Second me (the peak of the mountain).

How you call you?
How many years you have?
From where come?
How stay?

Not to be sad: the life is a thing wonderful and I am here for make it wonderfuler.

Not see the my love for yourself? For force not is visible.

Not hear the sound of the my guitar?
Is play from me;
is play for you,
is play for we.

Oui, je t'aime, je t'aime – yes, must to be the my girl come on the my car that I bring vou at make one tour.

What think of the my car?
Is much beatiful, second me.

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