Lyrics to First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit Video:
When I stand on the edge of what I'm feeling now
It seems we lost it
(And I'm falling forever)
But time it captures what I know we let go
And I burn the brightest image into what I do see now
I heard it through the dawns awakening
I stand in the back of the room and I heard love from a trodden path
I'm leaning on what I let go and It's not captured in a photograph
but these hands which hold our palms of silence in
to capture conversation
they're just waining on the walls which hold up
\"What a poor excuse of a lost once lost\"
\"You're such a fair example of a life once loved\"
This beaten broken portrait graced upon these walls alone.
Reflecting what is left of me upon the window sill.
In staying with motives
Forsake me by day and I let go by ways unfettered
Forsake me by night and mistake your falsehoods for your truths
and let go

(Thanks to john for these lyrics)
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