Fires of Myself (The End of Ignorance) Lyrics

H. Letham

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Fires of Myself (The End of Ignorance)
A dog barks from across the street,
and he's warning me, that something's coming.
The smoke masks the tips of trees,
from fires burning in different cities.

Oh, ill just close the blinds,
ignore that smoke and I will go to sleep..
Cause there is nothing wrong.
If there is nothing to see...

Oh, well these fires burn whilst I'm inept,
and you can't see what you don't except, honey..
these are the fires of myself.
and to what extent do I fear death,
cause my egos scared, but my ids content...
and I'm still screaming for an end...
Oh, is this the end?

But i've got words in my mouth.
and they're dying to get out...
Such thoughts are sordid and perverse,
they defile my body but they pollute the Earth.
So confine me to my mind..
ferment in my gut, and you rot in my insides..
such walls climb as high as I can see...
Oh, if These walls could talk to me. They'd Scream.

Oh... I'm drowning in flames.
And I am burning in waves.
Oh I can save myself, I don't need your help.
Oh and I can destroy myself, I don't need your help
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