Lyrics to Firelight
Firelight Video:
the fire brings out your eyes
up until now, i was dim
and while people fade away
your light will never die to me

cause you shine brighter than the snow
when the sun's rays hit just right
and nothing in the world could ever match your glow
as you sit by the firelight

i haven't felt like this in years
something's giving way
like the moon beginning to anchor in a brand new day
and there's something going on that i just can't say
so i'll sing it to you

i don't know how it is i lost myself in your tune
but now i'm trying to do the very same to you

(if we don't make it, if i never hear from you again
flip through the pages and read the pen
this is honesty, this is where we began
this is our portrait
we'll never look like this again)

there's nothing i enjoy more than falling asleep next to you
you prevent the grey, the storms and the darkest of blues
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