Lyrics to Firefly
Firefly Video:
A little firefly
I've got you in my eye
You're all inside my head
Little baby
You don't even try

I'm Just a monkey boy
There for you to enjoy
I'm all hung up and self mutilating

I want to kneel at your feet
So you can do things to me
Keep me down on my knees
And send a shock right through me

I'm just an unlucky soldier
Catching bullets whizzing by
Guilt and pain and torture
I'll be your slave, just be my baby

Lock me in my room
Make me lick your shoes
I'll struggle by myself, oh baby, you know what to do

Whip me without mercy
If I ever make you sorry

Fit me with your collar
Choke me with your chain
Take me for a walk
Out past your neighbour and his mother
Rub my muzzle in it if I mess myself again

I want to feel your pain
I want to feel your cane

I've been a badboy
Ill got meaning
Bring it down again

Hit me with an magazine
And give me bones to bury

You're such a cold-hearted killer
Got that glimmer in your eye
Tug me to roll over
Makes me crazy, makes me cry

Beat me when you're hungry
Drink me when you're dry
Lick my bones on Sunday
A shallow grave
Just be my baby

Be my,
Be my baby

My one
My only one
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