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Lyrics to Fire on Peshtigo
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O how had it filled the night with broken empty song
Hold on
And made the night more hideous by their squawking call
Hold on, breathless air
The prairie just a cloud of smoke, horizon turning red
O horror, breathless air, cradled child, dead too
An avalanche of coals and cinder hurled against my will
Hold on, breathless air, lake on fire, land too

Running with the river toward salvation in the pond
Hold on
Father, do you think that the end is coming near?
O horror, breathless air
God willed the flames we're fleeing in a panic but we're near
Hold on, breathless child, lake on fire, land too

Hold my arms with broken limbs
The flames upon them melt with touch
Boat will ground us till we're found
And float beyond the state we're in
Light salvation clear my lungs
And fill the fields returned and lush
Call the lord to cease his judgment
Of our human helpless sin

O how had it filled the night with broken empty song
Stepping on the neighbor that I once had seen as friend
Alone, breathless air
And robbing life of dignity to every desperate end
Alone, breathless air, lake on fire, land too

Walls of fire, all consuming, reaching for me in the waves
Eyes upon burning slowly it's left before me charred remains
And the god who pushed me in has ripped away my earthly flesh
Now I'm bound for his last judgment
O my lord I must confess
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