Lyrics to Fire
Not sure I'll quench this fire
It's the oldest thing I know
Actually, I can see it better
Despite the weather getting cold
(I dive hard)

I dive hard, I feel softer
I can see through my own soul
I play a game that's not a game
Because it's my whole
(My whole)

Beyond and underneath
A system incomplete
Some pull a ground that's not a ground
Right from beneath our feet
They point at the sky
And they say, "It's the limit"
Ah, it's the limit, it's the limit
The limit

They say the sky is the limit
But their sky is not my sky
Somе say we stand together
And yеt they divide us

But no big lie can keep me
From opening up my eyes
And no big lie can show me
Just how to live my life, no

Not sure I'll quench this fire
Guess it's what I'm made of