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Busta Rhymes

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Lyrics to Fire It Up (Turn It Up)
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Uh ah ah OH, ah ah ahCheck it outFlipmode Squad, '98Raw deluxe, check it out y'allVERSE 1I be the street kid, the brother your momma freak witPut your people on if y'all know how to keep a secretWhen I get money you know I like to keep itHow I get money others are tryin to peep itFlipmode, will be winners you wanna form a team witThe big money figures, the ones to plot the scheme witThe brothers who be used to gettin money frequentThe ones I would always measure up my triple beams witUntil they start takin my people to the precintThat's all back in the day yo, that ain't nuttin recentCuz nowadays we see women we like to speak witEat wit, lay 'em down and sleep witType of women make a brother wanna keep itShorty be so exotic she lookin decentLotta corny niggaz be offerin whack free shitI can't hold the heat no more yo, I gotta release itCHORUS 1What y'all gonna do? Don't you know we always comin through, me and my crew,Lemme here you say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP), say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP)To all my dogs that stay bloody, well around in the 500, all day,Lemme here you say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP), say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP)C'monVERSE 2Now everytime that I meet a sucka who's fronted, it's aightGettin money and everybody want itSmoke a big blunt, get myself all fucked upFall on the floor, gotta call my X-500Iceburg-5 - where you at??"No need for alarm, right now I'm cruisin to the sound of my enhanced CD-ROM"Hurry up 5, yo you know it's about to get thickI see this cat away behind my back about to do a stick"Tell me where you at, I will be there in 10 seconds flat, you know I got yourback, I'll be there just in time to counteract"Sometimes I might even forget crew, my X-5 bulletproof, I turbo boost, andblast right through in the ceiling and in the roofComin through, hittin you, and knockin other suckas tooth'sFull speed ahead like we runnin a toll boothProduce more flavor that Veryfine juiceCall a truce, on me and my people and let looseCHORUS 2All my ladies in the place to be, gettin money while they next to me, lemmesee, Lemme here you say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP), say "fire it up" (FIRE ITUP)All my people just wave your hands, gettin money all across the land, one timeLemme here you say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP), say "fire it up" (FIRE IT UP)C'monVERSE 3Release the heat, we lettin loose to the extremeMe and the Iceburg X-5, bounce from the sceneRecline my seat, rock to the beatLyrical artist, microphone scarred up in the heatBlowin up the spot that we hittin, know what I mean?Got you hopin we keepin you people up like caffeineFly guillotine, seeing everything on my little computer screenFrom here to PhilippinesKeep it movin, we never run out of gasolineGas me, your arson, but lookin keroseneMe and my 5 be runnin the mission you never seenHot shit, makin ya suckas forever feinAnyone of you comin you better come cleanHit you with an overdose of more rhyme amphetamineGot you eye bloodshot you need visinePeople in wylin, I think you need to wreak the sireneCHORUS' 1 and 2

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