Lyrics to Fire In The Sky
Fire In The Sky Video:
Akanni / Fire in the sky. Fire in the sky ? sky fire Ono / ONE THING I HATE IS NOSY PEOPLE LIFE AIN´T ROSY, PEOPLE. BUT I´M A LIVING LEGEND LIKE THAT STONE WASHED COMMERCIAL. WE RARELY GET TOGETHER LIKE IN A SITCOM NOW IT´S CLEAR I SPIT SOME DEEP SHIT. HAVE Y'ALL LIPSYNC TO MINES FURTHERLY REMEMBERING MY WORDS LIKE WHIP-SCARS STUDY MY SPEECH LIKE A SPOKESPERSON. YOU CAN´T DO LIKE I DO GET OVER FIVE CATS BATTLING SPOON-FEED SHOW-HOSTS NOW THEY GO RUN THEY MOUTH STUTTERING. NOT KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE MY SQUAD PROPERLY. I SIT BACK AND LAUGH AT YOU. IT´S SLIGHTLY FASHIONABLE HAVING RAPPERS UP ON MY TUNE. BUT I´VE DONE SPIT EVERY WORD YOU KNEW ON THIS SONG AIN´T NO BARS LEFT VALUABLE THAT´S FUCKED UP I KNOW. NOW THAT WE RUN YOUR CREW YOUR BLOCK, PLUS GOT IT LOCKED, TOO MY NIGGA IS THRU. SO WE JUST SMIRK AT YOU, RATHER THAN HURTING YOU Akanni / Fire in the sky. Fire in the sky ? sky fire I can't make you understanding why we fear we're all we have, / Tryin to get people to listen that ain't tryin to hear the math, / Channelin life experience, put my thoughts in the music / Elevate your brain with the soul in the song / Even when we talk about pain and it hurts you to hear / It hurts even worse to feel / It gets worse when somebody tries to tell you / That your pain ain't real. I'ma study my craft / Keep a eye on them halfsteppers steppin' in half / My people gone change the math, / Everybody gone change the math right now Fire in the sky. Fire in the sky ? sky fire Ono / MY SIGN OF BIRTH IS THE LINE OF MY PATH. THE TIME I CHERISH THEN REVERSE THE RHYME I REHEARSE MY REFLECTION OF THE EARTH. THE WINE I DRINK TO SPILL AWAY THE CURSE IN MY BODY, MONEY IN MY PURSE THE SHINE ONLY A FEW KNOW WHAT IT´S WORTH AND DO WITH IT, POSSIBLY HYPNOTIZED CAUSE I EMERGE WITH EVERY VERSE. I OFFICIALLY DIG FOR THE ROOTS, KNOWING IT´S REAL NOT MYTH. IT GETS WORSE ANNOYING LIKE A HOLE IN YOUR TEETH. BUT I´M A WISE MAN. WHEN I SOW, BE SURE IMMA REAP BY THE END OF THE WEEK. INCONSPICIOUS LIKE A CREEK. LIKE AN OCEAN I´M DEEP. FLOW TIGHT WITH NO LEAK. RECEIVE LOVE LIKE THE CANNABIS LEAF. BUT IT´S WAR OUT HERE MOTHERFUCKERS RATHER NOT SPEAK OR ELSE HOMICIDE SCENE REAL QUICK. Things might get censored but. We makin sense of what puzzles that's unraveled finally traveled clearly and nearly shut since the music is pretty stable label get accurate getcha act righter, react tighter than a scratch pickle cut. Eliminate the lazy unproduck , lettem self-destruct, resurrect the dead and reconstruct the construct. Inspiration from the pioneers before us that built it for us, prayin for us comin up Akanni / I'ma make music that I could be proud of / talk about life and love / cause soul is understanding yourself / all pieces of this fusion is to elevate connection / that's the mission

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