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Lyrics to Fire & Equanimity
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Through Earth, fire, water and winds I ride,
Determined, still not amused
An easy path for the blind to go
A maze for whom not born reduced

Through tornadoes, storms, and typhoons I slide
Still I'm standing tall
Through pest and plague and hunger I go
No venom in my veins, but the blood of my heart and soul

Bless the imbeciles, the ignorant fools
They think they're burnt yet there was no flame
The modest will for themselves succeed
But my desire can no man tame

Independent of time and possession
We will unite by the fall of the fence
For my content, and satisfaction
Is conspicuously its absence

I see reflections of my suffocating destiny
But I oblate upon thy throne and altar still
For I'd rather die not getting there
Then live and know I never will

The grass is never greener on the other side
Sand and sand is all I see
Give me water for my thirst and this
Pyramid, shall be built by only me

Oh, guide me towards thy presence
The bell must ring like it rang
For I possess the rope of strength
In which my doubt will always hang
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