Find A Way Lyrics



Lyrics to Find A Way
A little birdie told me you kinda distant
Guess I dismissed it
Thought that you would be submissive
And I'm not tryna have my fists clenched
I just want a friendship
You could bet I want the drama along with the French kiss
I want you like a baguette to a faggot French kid
And I'm not homophobic, I'm only Homo erectus
So you could take a second
And I just have this message
I think you're sick and you should get tested

Call me doctor, doctor or I could be your dentist
You got this orthopedic smile I think I wanna mess with
But do you mess with mine?
Please, please don't waste my time
Am I runnin' circles in your mind?
'Cause you're runnin' circles in mine
If that's the case, we both need to unwind
I'm blind rhyming in the box with no curtains or blinds
I'm blind, shit
But I'm just waiting for the day that we up, up, up, and fly away, uh!

Fuck patience, I'm pacin', patiently waitin' for nothing
If you want more than a fuck, well then my head is on cuffin'
I got a four letter word and it sound like dove but that word just dumb
Dumb's exactly how I feel, when you ain't want to chill
You find my leg then you pull it, I bet my place stopped them bullets that you afraid gonna pull in
I let my cape drape, it's not a ornament
Bitch I'm Superman, I'm nothin' short of him, ah

Baby, I know it's so hard for you
Find a way, find a way, find a way, find a way
For me, it's ain't easy being cheesy

Uh, I'm smokin' purple in my '98
It's just that kinda day
I'm feelin' lost and I don't wanna find my way
And my A.C. broken on a shiny day
I'm smokin' purple in my '98
Listenin' to my special herbs
What do you mean when you text these words?
I just lost somebody close, I wouldn't test my nerves
'Cause you driving me mental
I don't communicate, baby, I only put it in pencil
'Cause I don't wanna say somethin' that you don't think's sentimental
And when I'm drivin' my car, I make yours look like it's a rental
And it ain't 'bout takin' seminole, I might attend a seminar
On how that I'm into you
'Cause I think that's meant to be
And I'm feeling your energy
When you talk to your fam, I just hope that you mention me
I hope I'm not crazy, I just think we got chemistry
As a try to get closer, only I feel you repentin' me
They say this some closure, oh, I'm switchin' my tendencies
Your whole vibe is just smoke in my eye
So I guess that I'll just smoke 'til I die
The fuckin' herb got me feelin' so right
And if I'ma cuff 'er up, I should just see what's inside
I said, your whole vibe is just smoke in my lungs
Fuckin' Cupid, man, he holdin' a gun
'Fore he smiled, it outshines the Sun
I guess I keep flyin' 'til I find the one

Baby, I know it's so hard for you
Find a way, find a way, find a way, find a way
For me, it's ain't easy being cheesy