Lyrics to Finally
Finally Video:
Daydreams of you and me
Fantasies of what love used to be
In my heart I know you're gone
I can't deny you're gone
How can I set my mind free
Till I escape my dreams?

There's a knock at the door
My heart skips a beat
Maybe it's him, finally
Back to explain why he's been gone so long
Something must have gone terribly wrong

Oh how I've worried through restless nights
And how I've wondered if he was all right
But deep down I knew there was more to this story
And now he is back in all of his glory

There you are
I've been waiting
Just to see your face
Hear your explanation
Was it pirates or a terrorist invasion?
Were you kidnapped by the Foreign Legion?
Was there an accident?
Were you lost at sea?
Did you find your memory?
Was the one thing that kept you alive me?
I'm so glad that you're back finally

No really darling, get up off your knees
Yes honey, I'll let you worship me
And if you want to prove what I mean to you
That's something I'm willing to let you do

Daydreams. Fantasies.
In my mind I know you're gone
Can't deny you're gone
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