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i knew the day would come maybe this would be the one where i would say goodbye i've tried to understand the law of supply and demand but it does no good to wonder why i wonder if my number is really up this time there were other times before when i thought it was over somehow i made it this far won't be lucky forever these could be the final hours i wish i could say i feel more than fear and bitterness i've given you everything i had maybe i could have gave more all i can do is wait and see if these are my final i'm waiting just waiting to see are these my final hours you're so afraid of how you look and what they think of you don't you know what really matters it's not you say it's what you do you make me laugh when you demand respect i only give respect when respect is due you're just a gambler politician chairman of the board corporate suck ass playing the odds gambling with lives that to you are no more than numbers and statistics

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